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Baptism: FAQ

1. Do both parents need to attend the class? What if my wife/husband is not catholic? Should he/she still come?
We absolutely encourage both parents to attend the class, even if one person is not catholic. The decision to have your child baptized is an important one, and it is very important that both parents, regardless of their faith background, understand the Church’s teachings on the Sacrament so that they fully understand the commitment they are making. Please speak with one of the baptism team members if work or other commitments do not permit one person to attend the class.


2. Do you offer private baptisms?
We do not offer private baptisms at our church due to the sheer volume of baptisms we have every month. Also, we love having the opportunity to fully integrate the child into our faith community by having the celebration of the Sacrament in the midst of Sunday mass! Baptisms run every 2nd Sunday of each month with the exception of the summer months (July & August).


3. Do both godparents need to Catholic?
In order to be a godparent, you must be able to assist the parents in raising the baptized child in the fullness of the faith. Yes, godparents need to be Catholic. If parents choose a married couple, for example, to be godparents and the man is Catholic and the woman is not, the man shall be listed on the certificate as the godparent and the woman shall be listed as a witness.


4. Can I have two godmothers or two godfathers?
Similar to the instance above, if there are two important people of the same gender that you would like to have as godparents, one shall be listed as a godparent and the other as a witness. The church encourages both a male and a female godparent, however it is acceptable to have only one godparent if the parents are not able to find a suitable godparent of the opposite gender.


5. I only know one practicing Catholic, is it ok if I only select one godparent?
As previously mentioned, the role of godparents is to assist in raising the child in the faith. It is fine to only have one godparent if that is the only practicing Catholic you know.


6. Is there a minimum age for godparents?
It is encouraged that godparents be at least 16 years of age. They also must have received the sacrament of Confirmation and be in good standing with the church.


7. I am not a member yet, but I want to get more involved in the church. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to church and I feel like I want to start coming back. Where do I start?
We are always happy to welcome new members to our vibrant parish! Find out how to join here. Sunday masses are at 11:00am and there is always a need for volunteers to read, do music, usher, teach children’s liturgy and help with hospitality! The generous gift of your time is always needed and appreciated. Thank you!


8. Still have questions?

Send us an email and we'll do our best to answer your questions.