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Parish Directory


Fr. Peter Ebidero
Office: 306-931-3111
Email: pebidero@rcdos.ca

Deacon Ed McLeod
Email: emcleod@rcdos.ca

Office Manager
Chantelle Higgins
Phone: 306-931-3111
Email: ihmp@rcdos.ca

Parish Coordinator of Care
Shyla Cross
Email: shyla_d_c@hotmail.com

Richard and Danelle Sabadash

Sacraments & Education

Adele Giefer

Email: ihmp.baptism@gmail.com

Marriage Preparation
Bev & Curtis Demmert
Phone: 306-519-0480
Email: bcdemmert@gmail.com

First Communion and Reconciliation
Ginette Bosch, Chantelle Higgins, Jen Beler

Phone: 306-931-3111
Email: ihmp.catechism@gmail.com

Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA)
Julie Paquette

Phone: 306-931-3111
Email: m.paquette@sasktel.net


Ministries & Groups

Liturgy Coordinator

Pat Zunti
Email: liturgy.ihmp@gmail.com

Lector & Eucharistic Minister Coordinator

Shyla Cross
Email: liturgy.ihmp@gmail.com

Altar Server Coordinator Eugene Onumadu
Email: onumadueugene@gmail.com
Children's Liturgy Coordinator Jen Lamontagne
Email: jenniferlmlamontagne@gmail.com
Ministry of Care Team Coordinator Jane Chorneyko
Phone: 306-955-6464
Email: ojc@sasktel.net
Social Justice Coordinator Kathy Kesslering
Email: kkesserling@sasktel.net
Maintenance Coordinator Ted Walcer
Phone: 306-222-6369
Mom's Group Coordinator Ginette Bosch
Phone: 306-960-0862
Email: ihmpmoms@gmail.com
Women of IHMP Jennifer Sherman
Email: jenjasonsherman@hotmail.com
Knights of Columbus

Keith Schwark
Grand Knight
Email: keithschwark@yahoo.ca